Fundación Horizonte Ciudadano

Presentación diálogo precandidatos de Unidad Constituyente en Antofagasta a Gobernador/a Regional

Horizonte Ciudadano y Equilibrio Ciudadano realizaron un diálogo con Arturo Molina (DC), Ricardo Díaz (PRO) y Valentín Volta (Indep).

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Video promocional del diálogo con precandidatos/a de Unidad Constituyente en Maule a Gobernador/a Regional

Clip promocional del conversatorio que reunirá a los y las candidatas al gobierno regional del Maule.

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Campaña propaganda radial Apruebo+Convención Constitucional Plebiscito 2020, Región de Los Ríos

Escucha la campaña radial que realizamos en la Región de Los Ríos.

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Campaña propaganda radial Apruebo+Convención Constitucional Plebiscito 2020, Región de Antofagasta

Escucha la campaña radial que realizamos en radios de la Región de Antofagasta.

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Apruebín, el corpóreo del Apruebo y la Convención Constitucional

Horizonte Ciudadano celebra su segundo aniversario

En este clip se da a conocer el trabajo que realizó Horizonte Ciudadano durante su segundo año de funcionamiento.

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English version

Horizonte Ciudadano is a non-profit, open, non-partisan foundation created in 2018 by former President Michelle Bachelet Jeria, which is inspired by the values ​​and work of its founder.

We promote citizen intervention in public policies and collective decisions. We believe that people should take an active part in common definitions, not only at election time, but also in the daily construction of a better democracy, a healthier coexistence and sustainable development.

Our focus is the emerging challenges that we consider relevant for the future of Chile: climate resilience and adaptation, guarantees for children, decentralization, urban equity, local economy, migration, to name a few.

Our hallmark is to prioritize participation, political innovation, collaborative work in the territories and dialogue between global and local solutions.

Our values ​​are human rights, social justice, gender equality and the recognition of diversity.

Latin American Proyect Aires Nuevos.

What we do

We aspire to make relevant information and specific tools available to the public, so that they can be part of the decisions that affect them. For it:

  • We analyze and disseminate innovative ideas for participation and social dialogue.
  • We make good practices available to convert the reflection and accumulated experience into better policies.
  • We create bridges between citizens, the political and academic world, to promote responsible and informed public debates.
Paulina Vodanovic, Ana Lya Uriarte y Claudio Castillo.

Paulina Vodanovic, president.
Ana Lya Uriarte, director.
Claudio Castillo, director.

Executive director
Xavier Altamirano